Presale Tickets (前売券) 2019

(English follows)

今年の前売券は2種類あります。共通な特典は 一般入場より1時間前に入場と飲食していただけます。 昨年も たくさんの方に前売券をご購入いただき、 引き換えにお時間をいただいてしまいました。 早くから並んでくださっているみなさまの お声に応え、1時間早く開始します!

25土曜日:11時~ (当日券販売は12時~)
26日曜日:10時~ (当日券販売は11時~)
もちろん、引き換えていただいたら、 飲んでいただけます!

前売券①: 10周年限定前売【3,500円】 4/30(火)締め切り!

前売券②: 前売券【2,400円】 5/24(金)締め切り!

10周年グラスとは別に、 当日、 数量限定でグラス販売(400円)あります!

ご購入は、 JTBレジャーチケット(コンビニエンスストアで!)、Pass Me!(スマートフォンから!)、そして 各ブルワリー ご協力店での販売になります。

商品番号:[ 前売券 0250954 ]

PassMe!購入:おでかけ割引チケットサイトPassMe! (パスミー!)でも前売りチケットが販売しております。オンラインでカンタンに購入できます。受付でスマホにチケットを提示してスタンプを押してもらうとビールチケットもらえます。詳しくは:h

Presale Tickets offer bargains! (limited availability)
This year there are two types of Presale Tickets. Both types offer the advantage for visitors to CBL to exchange them and enjoy drinking a whole hour before regular ticket sales start. Last year, many of our patrons bought Presale tickets, which meant queues formed at the ticket booths. In response to requests, we will be starting one hour earlier for Presale ticket holders!

Exchange of Presale Tickets is possible from
• 25th (Sat) from 11:00~ (regular ticket sales from 12:00~)
• 26th (Sun) from 10:00~ (regular ticket sales from 11:00~)

Presale Ticket Type 1: 10th Anniversary Limited Presale Ticket【¥3,500】
Available until the 30th of April (Tue)!
• Beer Ticket Set (x7 tickets)
• 1 Plastic Cup
• 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Original Glass
• CBL Carry Bag
* 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Original Glass will not be available for sale at CBL. Due to limited tickets, sales may finish before the 30th of April.

Presale Ticket Type 2: Regular Presale 【¥2,400】
Available until the 24th of May (Fri)!
• Beer Ticket Set (x7 tickets)
• 1 Plastic Cup
* CBL’s popular yearly presale ticket, which 7 for the price of 6 tickets. Availability is limited; please be aware sales may finish before the 24th of May.

A limited run of CBL 2019 glasses (separate from the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Glasses) will be available for sale (¥400) on the days.

How to Purchase
Purchase of Presale Tickets can be made through JTB Leisure Ticket (at most convenience stores!), Pass Me! (from your smartphone!), and all breweries and related stores

Purchase through JTB: Purchase can be made through JTB Leisure Ticket and JTB Participating convenience stores (711, Lawson, Mini Stop, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus). For more information, see: (Japanese only)
Code No.: [ 前売券 (Reg. Presale) 0250954]
*Please be aware there are two codes, one for each ticket.

Purchase through Pass Me!: CBL tickets are also available through the discount ticket site PassMe! Purchase can be made through their website. You only need to bring your smartphone to the ticket booth to recieve and electronic stamp in exchange for your beer tickets. For more information, please see: